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Leave of Absence

“Nietzsche had anticipated that Bayreuth would put an end to the mistaking of ‘entertainment at any price’ for art. As it turned out, outrageous prices were being charged for food, lodgings, and carriage rides between the city and festival hall. Monarchs, princes, diplomats, and women of ill repute were the center of the attention. These people typically languished during the performances, but perked up at social events. Later Nietzsche wrote about Bayreuth: … ‘more than anything else, I saw how even to the inner circle the ‘ideal’ was not the point, that entirely different matters was considered weightier and more passionate.’” ( Safranski , page 138) Fritz felt that his fourth Untimely Meditation was the cultural highlight of Wagner’s Ring Cycle première at Bayreuth. Wagner, too busy with the social magnitude of the opening, failed to personally acknowledge Fritz’s philosophic attempt to place the high art of the event in a greater context. Suddenly, Fritz realized there was no hig